Consulting and other services are available, including free initial assessments. For any enquiries, please contact the address below.

Embedded user interfaces: design / specification, analysis / evaluation
Have an existing user interface specification analysed to expose obscure scenarios that would be a source of frustrated customers, lost time in support and bugfixing — or, in safety-critical systems, a hazard and a product recall. Alternatively, get advice from the outset with the specification, design, and implementation to ensure you get a cost-effective and robust solution.
Opinion on applicability of Statestep to a particular system
If you are wondering whether using Statestep is likely to be useful to you for a particular project, please enquire at the address below. This service can be provided by email, and is free (within reason).
Statestep Support
Support in using the tool is ordinarily provided by email for commercial licensees and, with limitations, to non-paying users as well.
Those using Statestep to support a full specification methodology are likely to benefit from experienced advice and assistance. This can help to:
  • avoid time-consuming misconceptions and misunderstandings
  • adapt the method to particular project needs
As doing is the most effective way of learning, it is recommended that any 'offline' training is based on a previous in-house project (whether completed or failed). In this way, participants can learn how to apply the technique on a non-trivial system or subsystem that is relevant to them.
Inspection of Statechart and other state machine models
If you've looked at the problem scenarios discovered in a published digital watch model (Documents), it may have occurred to you that the act of transforming a standard FSM model into a Statestep model could be used as a means of systematic validation, exposing errors which may not be found by inspection, testing or model checking. This can generally be done off-site.
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