Statestep Privacy Policy

Effective 2023.1.26

About this policy

This policy covers your use of the Statestep website and any associated services or software. Through your use of any of these, you accept and consent to this policy.


This website does not use cookies or third-party tracking.

Information collection and use

When you visit the website: visitor data, including your IP address, time of access, and data provided by your browser, for example, browser type, OS, and referrer URL.
Use: to improve the website and its promotion, investigate problems, and detect abuse.

When you download Statestep: your email address.
Use: to prevent harm, for example, in case of suspected abuse, a vulnerability, or a legal issue; to measure the level of potential interest from distinct persons and companies and how that converts to adoption.

When you communicate with us: your communication or notes thereof, including, for example, your email address and other personal information you provide, information regarding your use or potential use of the software, and details of any transactions or services provided to you.
Use: to provide you with a service or software; to improve a service or software; occasionally, unless you ask us not to, to contact you for a survey or with promotional or other information regarding Statestep or related services or technologies; to comply with laws or regulations; to protect your, our or others’ interests, rights and property.

Third parties

We will never sell your personal information to advertisers. Your personal data will be shared only where required by law or regulation, or to provide a service to you or to us, for example, to deliver email or process a payment.

Security and location of data

Website visitor data, including IP addresses and browser data, are stored on a server located in the US. It stores email addresses only in anonymized form (hashed). It does not store names or other contact information.

Personal contact information and other data in electronic form, including emails, are stored in encrypted form within the EU, except where necessary for the provision of a service to you or to us, in which case reasonable care will be taken to ensure the data is handled responsibly.

You may also request end-to-end encryption of emails, i.e., encryption in transit, subject to agreement on the technology or service used.

Your rights

You have the right to enquire what personal data is stored about you, to object to any use of that data, and to request that your data be corrected or deleted. Deletion of personal data may be conditional or limited in circumstances of legitimate interest or legal necessity, for example, where there is an existing contract or licence, or where a record of a payment or an agreement needs to be retained for tax or legal reasons. Anonymized data may be retained.


This policy may be changed by publishing a new version on the website. You may request to be notified of any future changes by email.


For any questions, requests, concerns or complaints: